Make Blog Not War – A Freedom of Expression Training for Bloggers

It’s not easy for bloggers to get credible information about their online rights when it comes to freedom of speech and internet censorship. If you would like to have a better understanding of the situation in India as it stands now, and how it affects everyone of us directly, then head over to the Internet Democracy Project. They’re organizing a day-long training session on freedom of expression and censorship for bloggers on the 25th of February 2012 at New Delhi.

In the course of this day-long program, a mix of short lectures and more interactive sessions will take you through:
–       the history of censorship in India and its current status;
–       the legal framework regarding online censorship and the ways in which it may affect you;
–       debates on difficult questions such as where and how to draw the line where hate speech is concerned;
–       what to do if you are served a legal notice;
–       alternatives to censorship to fight problematic content;
and much more. Throughout the training, we will of course be paying particular attention to how all of this may affect your blog and yourself.

Read more about the project, and people behind it, and how you can support it here.

The IndiBlogger forum has a discussion amongst bloggers about internet censorship here.

Make Blog Not War – A Freedom of Expression Training for Bloggers Feb22


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Announcing the Samsung Mobiler Campaign

Come the 10th of August, Samsung officially launches the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India – and IndiBloggers everywhere are invited to participate!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 Launch

So aside from the Samsung Galaxy Tab Blogger meet at Bangalore on the 20th of August which promises to be loads of fun, Samsung is also giving away spanking-new Galaxy Tab 750s to twenty bloggers deserving enough to become a “Samsung Mobiler”!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750s

Learn more about the campaign here, and stay tuned for the IndiVine contest and the live webcast on the 10th of August.

It’s time to tab, and keep blogging!

Last chance to catch “Yours Digitally, Madras”!

***”As for the acting and script, the audience’s rollicking laughter was the verdict.”***
– The Hindu Metro Plus

If you didn’t catch the first show of “Yours Digitally, Madras”, you can watch the final performance today at 7:15 PM. The show has received great reviews and tickets are going fast!

‘Yours Digitally Madras’ - The Largest Theatrical Collaboration to showcase original plays about Madras.

Short plays about Matrimonials, Police Mamas, God Men, Traffic Jams and everything that makes us Love and Hate this city.

The Reviews

7:15 PM, 13th November (Saturday)

Sivagami Petachi Auditorium, Alwarpet

Check out the official website at

Buy the tickets online at or call 9790911711.

The Hindu: Where Blogs Come Alive

Great Indian Blogologues - Yours Digitally, Madras
More info here.

Can IndiBloggers make the Difference?

Can IndiBloggers make the Difference? – 40,000 kids depend on you or is it just about that?

At IndiBlogger we believe in a code and the code is simple as it’s from the movie Troy; :-) Honour the god(s), love your woman/man and defend your country!

Those days of chivalry are still at hand. We might not fight with sticks and stones any more but we can do so with the power of the collective words towards social causes. Soldiers fighting a war was a social cause and nothing more. India has a huge online community and the huge network of bloggers in the IndiBlogger database is a testament to that fact.

So what are we fighting for? Well its not only the 40,000 kids that GiveIndia promises to educate. It’s the very core of our blogging existence. To understand this, we have to wonder why we started blogging. Was it for the fame or the money or the hits on our homepage or the recognition? We believe it was to make a difference. This is the time for all of us to unite under one banner. We might be from different parts of India, speaking different languages, writing about different things, none of this matters if we can’t help the community.

Over the past two days we have received many blog posts on GiveIndia’s campaign to help win one million dollars that will go a long way to educate 40,000 kids in India. The truth of the matter is that it’s not even close to its full potential. In effect it means that Hector called his troops into battle and 90% of them did not show up. Well, try defending Troy with that. :-)

Imagine the power if we all blogged about this. Words will not be able to describe the outcome of such an event

So here’s what we have to do before the 22nd of January,

Vote here :

Do what you do best! Blog about it!

Do you need more information?: Visit the GiveIndia blog.

Do you want to be sure: Send an email,

Do you want to talk about this with other bloggers? Log on to the forum.

In the words of Achilles (Troy again) “Do you know what’s there, waiting, beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It’s yours!”

Well that’s what is at stake and here are some of our heroes contributing to the battle; Please do add your blog posts in the comments so we can update the list accordingly!

– Anoop Johnson

  23. – Official blogging partner of Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla 3

Our last announcement of 2009 is an exciting one for all of us in the IndiBlogger team.  We have been named the official blogging partner of the third season of Vodafone MTV Splitsvilla, and we have just launched their official blog. This is our first association with a Television series and it’s great to be working with a brand like MTV!

Check out the official blog here.

We have another announcement to make – however we’ll save it for 2010. :-)

Here’s wishing all bloggers out there a Happy New Year – may your blogs be flooded with traffic like you’ve never seen before!

Blogger contest – The most masaaledaar incident of your life!

Is there a comical genius lurking inside you? Um..No…? Ok then, just a comic? Either way, here’s a wacky contest for bloggers from the guys at

Tadka Maar Ke offers you a chance to be a part of the spiciest movement in Indie music in India and grab a few prizes while you are at it. We hereby declare the bloggers competition for Tadka open.

Share with us ‘the most masaaledaar incident of your life‘ and the top five most entertaining posts, as decided by our judge, Sidin (, will get a 500 Rupee gift coupon courtesy Flipkart. Don’t worry if the incident you are going to write about happened with a friend (who may or may not be imaginary). Yes, you can submit more than one entry but you can win only one prize so submit your best ones.

..did we hear you asking ze word limit? ney! this is not for any newspaper, just let your thoughts flow (but dont send a manuscript)

Are pretty simple. Final date of receiving url’s to your blog posts is 25th Nov.
Results will be declared on Nov 30th.

How to Submit

  1. Submit your post to the humour category on IndiVine.
  2. Send an email to with the url of your entry on IndiVine (or) tweet the url with the hashtag #tadka.

There are not one or two or three or four but five!
Five gift coupons, each worth INR 500, courtesy Flipkart.

Don’t forget to visit for more updates. Good luck, and keep blogging!


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NASSCOM Product Conclave – a report

The NASSCOM conclave this year ended last week at Bangalore, and IndiBlogger was one of their blogging partners. The crowd this year at the conference was much higher than usual, with more than a 1000 people participating in the event. The NASSCOM organizers did a great job this year of connecting with the community via social media and generating a lot of buzz online. We also feel that the past recession (yes… its gone now) brought in more entrepreneurs!

Either way, the conference was a big hit. There were a lot of companies showcasing their products and services. We’ll soon be writing about a few here. Day 1 started with Mr. Guy Kawasaki’s key note on “Art of the Start” where he spoke about how to run a start up company and why not to go to a VC right at the beginning. It was an interesting key note which was credited as “a scitilating performance…” by the presenter! (We briefly wondered if Guy had started with a Bollywood style dance!)

This speech was then followed by various other unsessions and workshops. After a couple of sessions like Saas, Marketing and branding strategies was lunch. The food at the Lalit Ashok Hotel was great throughout the event!

Post lunch, we attended a workshop on “The art of writing a business plan” by Mr. Naeem Zafar. It was an extraordinary discussion and there was a lot to learn and look back at your work form this session. Mr Naeem, who is also a faculty at Haas Business School at University of California Berkeley, spoke about how to create a business plan and running a startup successfully.

The evening continued with a cocktail networking session where the IndiBlogger team relaxed a while and spoke to various bloggers and other start up chiefs.

On Day 2 we attended Guy’s twitter session for a while and visited the expos. There were lots of products being displayed. We will provide you with a write up on a few interesting ones soon. Some of the interesting products that we came across were, Vizual – HR management solution, Fusion charts, Yopedia etc.

The IndiBlogger team also met with several startups, and we met Nirav and Harish from Blogadda. We were also live tweeting the event, for which pictures are available here.

Overall, the NASSCOM conference was organized very well and our congratulations to the NASSCOM team. Thanks for inviting us, and it was an honour to be your blogging partner!

NASSCOM Product Conclave 2009 and a contest

UpdateHere’s a cool contest for all bloggers and tweeters who are in or around Bangalore. NASSCOM counts down to Product Conclave and Expo 2009 with a special contest through where one can win NASSCOM Product Conclave T-Shirts, and free passes to the event itself!

The event is to be held on October 27th – 28th at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore.

So what’s the deal? All you have to do is write or say something about the following topics on your blog, on twitter or on NASSCOM’s facebook page. Be as imaginative and wild as you want! Just remember to add the tags #indiblogger and #nasscompc. A lucky winner with the best ideas, whacky comebacks or thought provoking one-liners will be chosen every day.

The topics?

  1. Do you think Entrepreneurship can be taught, learned or is it an instinct?
  2. Do you feel Indian Education system needs to focus more on Entrepreneurship?
  3. What is your favorite product startup from India and Why?

So go on, tweet about the topics, blog, comment on this post or post your thoughts on NASSCOM’s facebook page.

UPDATE: 2 passes have been given out already to @sangfroid and @santoshp via twitter. Congratulations! 3 more passes to go!


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Mera India, Bridge The Gap

As bloggers, we find ourselves in a unique position as influencers of change. As the first of a new series “IndiCause”, we would like to inform you about a contest where your ideas play a role in India’s future!

The contest is run by Unnati Features and Women’s Feature Service and is supported by the UN Millennium Campaign.

Details of the contest:

Mera India, Bridge The Gap

By 2015, India has pledged to achieve the following eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs):

  • Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Achieve universal primary education
  • Promote gender equality and women’s empowerment by eliminating gender disparity in schools
  • Reduce the child mortality rate
  • Reduce the maternal mortality rate
  • Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
  • Ensure environment sustainability
  • Develop global partnership for development

As an Indian, your role would be to assess the shortcomings and challenges that lie before us, and tell us how our country can achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

How to Enter

  • You should be an Indian citizen between the ages of 18 to 35 years.
  • The first step is to register with us at with your name and email id. We will then be in touch with you.
  • You must acquaint yourself with the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Then rank the following 10 constituents on a scale of 10 to 1, in their order of importance for the achievement of the MDGs. The category you feel is more important figures higher on the scale.
  1. Celebrities
  2. Corporate leaders
  3. Educationists
  4. Elected representatives
  5. Government officials
  6. Health personnel
  7. NGOs
  8. The Judiciary
  9. The Media
  10. The Youth
  • Tell us what you think are the most important things to be done towards achieving the MDGs.You may choose from the following formats to express yourself:
    • A 1000-word essay
    • Or a pictorial strip
    • Or a film not longer than five minutes using a mobile phone or digital camera.
  • Every contestant must enclose a birth certificate and a statement certifying that the work submitted is original.
  • Each contestant can send in only one entry. Entries from teams comprising not more than three persons would also be considered, provided that the oldest member in the team is not more than 35 years.
  • Entries should be sent in an envelope marked ‘Mera India, Bridge the Gap’ to Women’s Feature Service, G-69 Second Floor, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi –110013.
  • Entries can also be emailed to:, along with a scanned birth certificate and statement certifying that the work is original.

The Prizes

1st prize – Rs. 75,000
2nd prize – Rs. 50,000
3rd prize – Rs. 25,000
Many other prizes too!

Each entry would be judged on its content, its innovative nature and the practicability of the ideas suggested. The jury will be a panel of independent persons well known in their respective fields. Prize winners will be invited to a special awards function in New Delhi and your ideas will be shared with policy makers, civil society leaders and people in various fields who can make a difference.

Last Date for receiving entries: October 5th, 2009

For more information on the cause and the contest, go to:

Good luck – we hope you’re the one to come up with the winning solution! Please do your bit and help spread the word so your readers may take part as well. :-)