A fond adieu IndiBlogger…


Hello everyone!

This is the last post for me on the IndiBlogger Blog. It’s been over 11 years for me on the platform and it’s time to call it a day.

When it dawned on me that I had to move on from IndiBlogger due to operational difficulties, it was a moment of mixed emotions. Although I hate the idea of leaving a decade old company after playing a significant role in its founding, conceptualization and execution, I do welcome the new opportunities. Much has changed in this industry since we started and I am looking forward to giving things some radical impetus.

I must add that It’s not over for Blogging for me because I have always believed in the medium and that won’t change, ever. I will See you all soon in some form or the other 😊 so a goodbye to all my blogging friends will not be necessary at this point. Lets stay in touch.

I have had some awesome moments in this company. Most of my favorite moments have come in the 80 odd Blogger meets that I have had the opportunity to host and I would like to leave you all with a recount of a fun memory from one of these meets.

IndiBlogger meets have always had an intriguing game or two to charge up the atmosphere and they are usually conceptualized by a bunch of insane people 😁 . So at an event we ran an on the spot contest. One question and a person could win an Apple. I told the crowd of 200+ Bloggers that I wanted someone who was a fan of Apple ONLY to take part. I reiterated that I would not want to give such a gift to a person who was against Apple.

After a lot of drama, i asked people to raise their hands and I randomly picked a girl from the audience. Again, after confirming that she was indeed an apple fan (to her absolute annoyance), I asked her the question to which she answered with aplomb. After that we clapped and we presented her with an actual apple 🍎 as opposed to the phone📱 that we misdirected everyone to believe 😁. The immediate reaction of a crowd of people falling off their chairs in laughter could only mean that It managed to catch most by surprise, When Renie had initially suggested the “Apple” ruse, I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off without giving the game away and it surprised me so much when the whole thing worked that I was caught off guard and it’s one of those many moments in IndiBlogger that will stay with me forever.

Everyone of you have been champions in your own way for your own respective causes and I believe it is that drive on the platform, that has helped IndiBlogger become a unique beacon for Bloggers across India. Seeing all of you at blogger meets has always been an absolute favorite part of my job because not only did i get to meet bloggers, I was involved in everything from the wire-frame of it, to the hustle and bustle of the event day and some not so fancy post event duties. It was fulfilling in every way.


The characters that I have been acquainted with over the years have become a part of me and I thank everyone who has been associated with me via IndiBlogger over the years including my colleagues, sponsors, clients, well-wishers and friends.


I am sure many of you had similar moments ; what it was like getting featured or winning a contest perhaps. Maybe you attended an event and made a friend or a group of friends, was it the atmosphere? or did you just feel good about being a blogger on a Sunday afternoon? No matter what IndiBlogger will always be a breath of fresh air for me.


For a dash of nostalgia, here’s a link to one image from all our blogger meets.

For all the pictures on everything IndiBlogger, do check out our FaceBook Page

You can also join us on our twitter @IndiBlogger to say a final farewell.

I am also locking my most interactive thread on IndiBlogger with over 900 conversations. A BIG thank you to everyone who participated. I hope that thread Ask IndiBlogger Anything .. Yes ANYTHING! 🙂 was useful and that it helped you gain some knowledge that you otherwise may not have.

Do read this post by Renie. It contains some official details as well.

Until we meet again,
Loads of IndiBlogging love,
And one last Hurr hurr!

5 Responses

  1. Rajiv Verma says:

    Thank you for literally changing the direction of my life. I will forever be grateful to this platform and the lovely set of people behind and around it!

    Cheers to new beginning Anoop & the entire team!

    Hurr hurr!!

  2. Shalu Sharma says:

    Thank you for everything you have done. Its been a great platform. Best of luck in whatever you try do.

  3. Vikas Khair says:

    Thank you for everything, all the gifts I got, for the international trip I won and all the prompts which allowed me to blog on and off and hope to continue here and there. Here’s wishing you all the best Anoop and Indiblogger a wonderful return.

  4. umashankar says:

    Yes, times they are a-changin. Wish you the best in whatever you do, my friend.

  5. One of the best platform for blog.
    Please try..
    Best of luck

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