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UPDATE : Classes in Mumbai on September 16th and 17th, 2017. Limited seats left, Register today.

Hello Everyone,

Weblogacademy.com, was launched in the first edition of #BNLF. We wanted to have a program that cut through all the Riff Raff and gave people a very transparent understanding of blogging. We found that many were trying to mimic the behavior of websites when blogging. Even though websites served as a decent reference point for a blogger, it had different objectives and principles. From the creative thought process that went into the writing of a blog to the ability to interact with an open mind, it was painfully obvious that blogging was a different beast and required a different way of thinking.


The training focuses on key aspects of your blog. It helps you understand how people look at your blog and what they would expect from you. This in turn helps you use your creativity to communicate while imbibing your flair in the mix!

Below is the curriculum for “The Skillful” proficiency on WeBlogacademy.

  • Become familiar with your blog’s admin page
  • Create effective “About” pages
  • Identify names, taglines, and identities for your blog
  • Build pages and categories around your blog identity
  • Format content to enhance SEO
  • The “Editorial Calendar”
  • Write user-friendly content
  • How to engage with readers

There are a number of key insights that this training offers, for example, the creation of the about us page or the information in it is overlooked by many. For all intensive purposes, it is one of the most important pages in your Blog.

  • The “CAR” script
  • Story formats for blog posts
  • Enhance images in Photoshop
  • Create slide shows
  • Write catchy headlines and image captions
  • Tags and hyperlinks to enhance SEO
  • Publicize your blog: The “where” and “how”
  • How to comply with IPR

We also focus on some key skills that you need to have, including quick “photoshopping“, the importance of creating ways to showcase your work like slideshows. We also dabble into some tech details like SEO. However after this course, SEO will be your best friend and you will find that it becomes a natural process of your thought and writing. It will no longer be a mental block and it will merge with your way of writing enabling you to focus on content creation above all else.

The next course called “The Proficient” helps you adapt your blog to the modern day world. At present there are plenty of opportunities for you in the professional world of blogging. You can be anything you ever wanted. You could build a brand for yourself as an artist or a writer. Some even use their blogs to show their skills to employers. Blogging is one of those very interesting fields where you can be part of any profession and still have a successful blog. on IndiBlogger itself we have bloggers who are IT engineers, doctors, travel guides, fitness experts, nutritionists etc. This was evident in the kind of people who attended our session in Delhi. There was an experienced  journalist, a software engineer, a brand manager, a dentist, a social media influencer and a corporate trainer among others!




Below is information on the proficient curriculum. You can see how it focuses on the business of blogging. It also focuses on several niches including the current fad of international travel where we help you understand how to effectively work with tourism boards and airlines.

  • What is AdSense
  • Top affiliate programs in India and how they work
  • Affiliate marketing for your blog
  • Product/ service reviews and working with PR agencies
  • FAM trips and working with tourism boards and airlines
  • Write FAM, review, and media invite requests
  • Create products and services to sell through your blog
  • How IndiBlogger can help your blog

A few things to note about Weblogacademy.com training:

The first edition of WeBlogAcademy at Blog Now, Live Forever (BNLF) was conducted by Christoph Trappe and Jeff Bullas. Christoph Trappe (aka The Authentic Storyteller™) is a global keynote speaker, frequent blogger and author. Jeff is listed on Forbes as one of the “Top 20 Influencers of CMO’s” 2017, among many other accolades.
This second edition is run by Rama Arya, the  Founder and Executive Director of The Communiqué, a consultancy passionate about capacity building in communication, as well as a successful blogger. She designs and runs communication training programs and workshops (both onsite and webinars) building on her 20 years of experience in communication, PR and external relations with inter-governmental organizations, think-tanks and the private sector.She is definitely a favorite of ours.

Along with a physical copy, your certificate can also be viewed on weblogacademy.com for verification of authenticity. Of course, you’ll also get a badge for your blog. This also enables us to market the alumni of these training’s once it is completed. WeBlogAcademy.com is committed to spread its influence far beyond just the two days of training.


However, the most important thing is that you will be learning with other bloggers. It will be a very interactive experience and a comfortable one at that.

UPDATE : Classes in Mumbai on September 16th and 17th, 2017. Limited seats left, Register today.

Here are excerpts of the many nice things people said about WeBlogAcademy.com

Meenakshi J
Unlike other blogging workshops, the deliverables were realistic and rightfully implemented. Very lively and interactive workshop with focus to each of the participants.

Shilpa Garg
Insightful and practical session. Can apply the learnings back on my blog and take it to the next level.

Parwati Singari
What the blogging workshop did for me was put me in touch with a part of myself that I had deliberately suppressed.

Deepak Chadha
It was an amazing experience and a nice way of making new friends!

Sulekha Rawat

I learnt a lot from the workshops with Rama and IndiBlogger. The topics covered were very helpful and I have made a few changes in my blog based on the same.






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