Registrations to #BNLF, India’s only international Blogging Event is now open!

Hello Everyone!

At the outset we would like to thank everyone for their patience while we meticulously fumbled and bumbled trying to get the agenda out! Its finally done and we can go about registering and planning our  trip Dehradun.

A note for those who are new to IndiBlogger : BNLF, an acronym for “Blog Now, Live Forever” is IndiBlogger’s answer to helping Indian Bloggers from every corner of the earth to meet up for a couple of days once every two years to share and bond over blogging. The concept of BNLF is also to spread awareness on our responsibility to blog and leave a true account of our life and thought in our times. You can see details of the last BNLF here.

Every BNLF is going to be different in some way or the other. The last BNLF had talks from legends in  different walks of life, all talking about some form of content that inspired them. Kannan Gill talked about his thought process when doing stand up comedy, Purba Ray and Preeti Shenoy shared key experiences of being a blogger while the lead singer of Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson’s theory that 0 + 0 equals 1 actually made a whole lot of sense! :-). For the 2017 edition of BNLF we wanted to create an environment that was unique. We knew that if Bloggers from across India were to make it to Dehradun, we had to offer an environment that they wouldn’t see in a blogger meet in their city. We felt that we had done a lot of different types of blogger meets before but we never had one at night. I remember at an IndiBlogger Meet in Goa, although people enjoyed the proceedings during the day, no one wanted to sleep at night! Everyone was having way too much fun and there is something about that freedom that the night sky brings and we thought the night skies of Dehradun would be the perfect setting for another magical edition of BNLF! So on the 17th and 18th of November from 5:30 PM till the break.of.dawn, we welcome you to join us on an adventure that will have bon fires, treks, Bloggers, intriguing talks and a couple of spectacular starry nights.

BNLF is very special to us for one big reason. This is the only event of ours that connects bloggers from every corner of the earth. In the last edition we had people come from cities, towns, villages and we were also pleasantly surprised when bloggers from abroad tweaked their homecoming schedules to be part of the meet. All our other meets are confined to bloggers in the same city. Its an unbelievable experience, If you thought IndiBlogger meets had a lot of energy, BNLF goes a bit nuclear.


Here are the timings:

November 17 – 19, 2017
5:30 PM – 2:00 AM

Ideally you should land up by the evening. The check in will be open from 5:30 PM on November 17th for BNLF and the event will end in a couple of days on November 19th at 2:00 AM. So, bring a copy of tunes that fit the occasion like “I’ll sleep when I am dead” by Bon Jovi, George Harrison’s tribute to Dehradun and Misty Mountain Hop by led zeppelin

For the 2017 BNLF edition, we have also added a few activities thanks to some of our very dynamic partners at the event.

Here are some of the activities that are confirmed so far:

Get Published with Story Mirror:

This is one ambitious project from this dynamic publishing house Story Mirror. 10 Books will be launched by them at BNLF and Valley Of Words literature festival! It will be a great launchpad for authors as marketing seems to be an authors biggest concern these days and getting your book launched on a platform that built on a very creative partnership such as this is an opportunity that may not come knocking all the time.

Check for more on the get published program here.

Blogger Street:

During the day there are going to be plenty of people attending the Valley Of Words literature festival. We felt that this would be the perfect time to show off some creativity. If you have books that you have published, works or art, photography and illustration or anything else that you want to show off, we urge you to bring them to BNLF. Although you can’t sell physical copies at the event, you can still take orders. We are making a set up to simulate a street with the stalls where you can display your creative works on the side.


Check out Blogger street at BNLF here

Valley OF Words, Official Event Blogger:

Valley of Words is rolling out the red carpet for some exciting people and they want to give you insider access to the event. There are going to be multiple stages with people from fields such as the government, military, authors and poets among others.

Here’s how you can become the events official Blogger.

Valley of Words, The Blogger Keynote:

One of you will be chosen to represent Blogging on the centre stage at the Valley OF Words festival.  We are looking for someone who upholds those values that are true to Blogging. This is a great time for us to show the world the larger picture and purpose behind blogging. Valley Of Words will fly you to the event and we will be right there to cheer you on.

Apply here to become the Keynote speaker.

The Indian Blogger Awards in association with Valley Of Words:

#IBA2017 is on and with a bang! Over 3000 nominations already with 20 odd days to go. The literature and poetry award will be judged and given by Valley Of Words. They have some surprises for you. This years awards has proved that winning isn’t everything. Everyone participating have already been able to connect with their readers and well wishers. You can read about what some of the winners of the previous edition had to say in this post. Its always nice to hear good things about your blog and you will be surprised how people perceive you. So, go on ahead and nominate your blog today.

We hope that the next two months gives your blog a big boost and that you can add to your existing follower base, rekindle old relationships and forge new ones.

Until then, See you soon in Dehradoon!

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  1. Looking forward to the event. Looks like it’s gonna be filled with super fun and lots of learning.

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