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When we started IndiBlogger, we didn’t really think that we would be providing certifications for blogging to help further the career of bloggers. We always felt that blogging was meant to be a hobby. Things have changed! its been roughly a decade since we started and the space has become more demanding and there is a need for people to stand out from the crowd.

The first batch of

WeBlogAcademy has been in creation since a couple of years when a few hundred bloggers attended training’s from Jeff Bullas and Christoph Trappe. These certificates have proved quite useful for people who wanted to take a more professional approach to blogging.

As in all IndiBlogger activities, these courses will also be interactive and you will be participating with your group. Being a close knit family/group has always been a part of our philosophy. Think of all those friends you made at IndiBlogger meets playing the silliest and goofiest games. That’s life to us. Learning will be no different.

Blogging is all about creating a brand of your own and that’s not easy. Think of all the millions of dollars being spent by businesses to stand out. The next training will be with Rama Arya, the founder of the Communiqué. We present an agenda that will help you get familiar with WordPress, select, write stories and combine them with basic Photoshop skills. We will also help you understand monetizing of your blog by taking you through a myriad of options.

A powerful certificate that validates your knowledge of modern blogging techniques.

At the end of this training we feel that you will be able to create a model that you and your blog can follow to reach the endless heights of the brave new era of Blogging.

You are now a brand. Own it.

If you have some suggestions, questions or just a good old pat on the back for a measure of luck, do give us a comment.

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  1. Regards,thankyou for the information.May I know when there is your programme of certifacaion and all that ? Can I participate in that?
    Your’s faithfully,
    Md Mushtaque ali

  2. anoop says:

    Hi Md Ali,

    You are more than welcome to participate.

    Trainings are on July 29th and 30th for all the 3 different levels of proficiency. Please visit to register.

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