– The Independence Day Blogger Meet

Its official! will be hitting Mumbai on Independence Day 2010. The 15th of August will also mark 3 years of our existence on the World Wide Web. There are other reasons to celebrate too as Sea Princess will be one of our largest and most charming venues. With over 100 registrations on the first day, we are sure that this will be a spanking IndiBlogger Meet!

We are open to your suggestions for this IndiBlogger Meet. For those of you bloggers who want more than your minute of fame, you can write to us here. We look forward to meeting all of you again.

Be there at 2:00 PM sharp and if Mumbai is flooded, bring your canoes and pick us up from Andheri 🙂

See you all there!

Details & Registration here

Anoop Johnson

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9 Responses

  1. I’m looking forward to it. Hope it’s a great learning experience & inspiring too! And above all, a chance to make new friends.

  2. Karthik says:

    Nice post dude. Especially …if Mumbai is flooded, bring your canoes and pick us up from Andheri…

  3. Vipul Grover says:

    Hey guys its high time we have a mega event in North India too. Hoping for someone to take initiative from NCR region.

    P.S. I can’t as I stay in Chandigarh :p

    P.P.S. All the best for Mumbai Meet 😀

  4. @ Haramjit Thats the idea!

    @ Karthik : you can swim 🙂

    @ Vipul Yup I miss NCR .. it was fun last time.

  5. Johnny Laird says:

    Lookng to find who are the truly global blogging voices.

    Maybe – The Independence Day Blogger Meet is one good place to find out?



  6. Ketan says:

    I will go from Andheri. Let me know if you need a ride..i do have a twin powered Aircel sponsored canoe 🙂

    Call me any how 🙂

  7. Shivavish says:

    How could I Join It? Is there any place for sharing views and opinions on stock market or any other topics?

  8. kmadhav says:

    I am very lucky that I joined this site. Every indian blogger should join this site.

  9. @Johnny .. Its a great place to find out 🙂

    @Ketan Ha ha! looking forward to the canoe experience 🙂

    @ Kmadhav .. we are glad you joined up!

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