The Bloggers Say it all! The UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet at Chennai

Bloggers of Chennai! We are proud to have our HQ in this amazingly vibrant and sometimes unbearably hot paradise. ” The City of Blogs!” is what Chennai is and we think that’s well earned considering what transpired at the UniverCell IndiBlogger Meet.

The registration desk was a bit crammed as GRT had some issue with the WI-FI setup. We did everything according to the book ” Managing Events for dummies” and we still  managed to muck up a few things here and there.

Hitler tries again and this time its the UniverCell IndiBlogger Chennai Meet

The chart session was just brilliant! Here is what was written on Karthik’s chart “Roses are red, Violets are blue, This room stinks, Becuz of you”. Definitely the handiwork of a blogger with a good sense of commercial poetry :). Renie had “Did someone say Old Monk??” on his chart.

The session on traditional media and blogging was actually a concept to figure out a synergy between both these mediums. For some odd reason the discussion started to get personal. That is when we realized how much this medium of blogging meant to the bloggers of Chennai. **Clap** ** Clap**. Dont get us wrong, The best feeling every morning is waking up to our coffee and the morning newspaper, getting some sun on the balcony! I mean where would we be without print media?, paperbacks rule :).

There was also an interesting clash of language. This is a very unique thing in India. With so many local languages and English being the primary medium of communication, some ardent followers were keen on having proceedings in Tamil. When a few bloggers and the media decided to engage the crowd in Tamil,  another set of the audience was unhappy. What could they do when they could not understand the language?. Chennai is a cosmopolitan city and so to over come this language problem has decided to start a new language called ” AjaxMajax”. Kushkush woo woo dingydy ding means ” Dont touch my pants”.

There are a few reviews on the IndiBlogger Meeting page. We agree with every one of you! I guess to get a full picture of the meet we have to look at all these reviews. All those bloggers who took time off to write but not mentioned here can shamelessly self promote in the comments :).

Last and definitely not least, UniverCell, I think it was awesome that everyone welcomed UniverCell with open arms. is very happy to be associated with them and we wish them every bit of success on their first baby steps into this quite maddening world of blogging. Bloggers whose passion lies in the telecom industry could have very interesting partnerships/associations etc. What do you think?

During the Initial round of introducing the IndiBlogger meet, I would like to go on record that I deliberately forgot to introduce fellow team mate BalaGanesh because he didn’t flush that morning.

Well, many many many thank you’s to all who attended. Hopefully you will invite us to host a blogger Meet in Chennai again. Until next time, we love you all! And you know that 🙂

P.S :- We will put up the pics shortly. For now we can all thank Ram, He has put up a few Pics.

– Anoop Johnson & The IndiBlogger Team

5 Responses

  1. Balaganesh says:

    i din’t flush ?? bro, that is called the bathroom burn ! nice work huh?? hehehe

  2. Anwin says:

    Super review man. And some of them were miffed about the T-Shirts as well :). Next time we will ensure we do something about that too.


  3. Vinni says:

    Kickass video guys! Needs more promotion!

  4. anoop says:

    @Balaganesh hey that was the perfect introduction for you LOL

    @anwin yup will do something about the T’s

    @vinni Hitler might suicide once again if we promote 🙂

  5. VeNkY says:

    “Kushkush woo woo dingydy ding”

    Please give a Bhagavad Gita style description of the above statement.

    Which of these words denote the word “Pant” 😀

    We can work on this AjazMajax

    I am coining a new word Tatanked

    You guys try to guess the meaning of it i will put up shortly after you give your guess 😉

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