BLACK the event and IndiBlogger – Awareness of Eye Donation

We heard about this event a while back and we thought it was a good idea. So we got in touch with the organizers of BLACK (the event) and decided to pledge our eyes at the event. And then we thought, why not a blogger meet? Great.

Visit the meeting page for the Nandi hills blogger meet details.

Details of the actual event below:

BLACK (the event) is an initiation to bring in the “AWARENESS OF EYE DONATION” among the masses.

Motive behind the event:

To help the blind have their eye sight and make people understand the need to donate the eyes

How to bring in the awareness?

Through a daring act of riding a bike blind-folded on Nandi hills for a stretch of 8 kms. (Please don’t try this yourself, or you may be giving away your eyes sooner than planned!)

What is Blind Fold Ride?

Blind fold ride is an art of riding the bike without having any visibility. A cloth will be tied to the riders eye while riding and only after meticulous practice and planning is such an act possible.

What is the IndiBlogger agenda?

To show our support and spread awareness of eye donation by blogging, tweeting, inviting your friends and family, being a  part of the event and to pledge our eyes.

About the rider:

Deepak Shenoy, an actor by profession is a down to earth person whose dreams have no limits. The crave to carve his own niche drove Deepak to learn the art of blindfold riding through sheer guts and hard work. He’s performed this act many times, with inspections by TV channel associates to verify that no hearing aids or other devices were used.

All this, of course, can only take place with safety presence, civil protection agencies and a doctor.  Whilst performing this stunt Deepak wants to send a message to our people how difficult it could get for people who cannot see at all and how they would be living in a world of darkness. In a hope that this will promote eye donation and people will come forward to join hands with us in this noble deed.

Visit the meeting page for confirmation of participation.


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4 Responses

  1. Thejesh GN says:

    Great. I will try to cycle.

  2. Anwin says:

    Awesome. We have one eco-friendly blogger for the meet.

  3. Binoti Basumatary says:

    An Inspiring Great event! I will be there for this meet!

  1. December 7, 2009

    […] blog to know more. Somehow, I can relate the event with my Eye Blog idea. Wish I could attend the show […]

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