How to add IndiRank Widget to Windows Live Spaces

Some of our IndiBloggers who have Windows Live Spaces blogs have had some problems putting up the IndiRank widget on their blogs. We tested the code and here’s the result.

Comment: However, Windows Live Spaces is not accepting images. Could be a image compatibility problem. We are working on it as we blog.

1) Log in to your Windows Live Spaces blog

2) Select ‘blog‘ from the menu after logging. See e.g. below:


3) Select the widget module:

  • Click on the ‘Customize‘ tab found on the upper right corner.
  • Click on ‘Add Modules‘ sub menu under ‘Customize‘.
  • Then click on ‘Add‘ next to ‘Custom HTML‘.
  • See picture below for details.


4) On the next screen click on Edit button under ‘Custom HTML‘. See picture below for an example.


5) widget code

  • Log in to
  • Visit the widget page
  • Select the blog for which you need the widget for and click on Get Widget button (see picture below)
  • Then click on the link where it takes you to the code for and Windows Live Spaces blogs (See picture below)
  • Click in the code box by the side of the widget color you prefer (see picture below) and copy the code onto the computer clipboard (press CTRL+C on your computer keyboard)




6) Finish, the end, omega, or whatever

  • Go back to your Windows Live Space page where you had opened the edit page for the Custom HTML code (see picture below)
  • Paste the code in the box (CTRL+V on your keyboard)
  • Click on Publish (see picture below)
  • That’s it. Your widget should be visible now.



Happy blogging!!! Visit for a view of the end result.


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