Thank you, Delhi NCR bloggers

I am writing this on the aftermath of a super Delhi NCR Bloggers meet. I just loved meeting all you guys at the meet! Delhi has always been a happy place for the team and we were refreshed to see the excitement before and during the meet. We hope to have a continued response from all the bloggers even after this meet.

This meet was quite exciting for us, because of the quality of community leaders in the Delhi NCR region. We had Kinshuk Sunil who led a very interesting session on blogging used as an internal tool within an intranet of a company/organization. I was just bought into that concept and was quite involved in that discussion. It was important for bloggers to know how blogging can be used effectively as a means of internal communication. We also had the Delhi Bloggers bloc participating with Priyanka (better known as Twilight Fairy) giving a very interactive session on social media and copyrights. This did raise quite a few questions in my own head and I can imagine how other bloggers present must have been thinking. Everything from youtube video sharing to copying content was discussed. Priyanka also narrated a real life story of her content being used without permission by Times of India and she says she had every reason to fight her case…and why not? It’s her content, her time and she won her little battle. The theme was that every blogger has to be protective of their content and ensure that they also don’t indulge in any sort of malpractice with or without the know-how.

We got a pretty good look at IE 8 this time around in Delhi from Abishek Kant from Microsoft. It was a very well constructed presentation and even had our friend Kinshuk Sunil wearing a black T with a clear firefox logo to sit up, take notice and ask quite a few questions.

Along with our usual masala we also added “blog behind the bloggers back”, which was a community activity where everyone would write a blog comment on a chart paper hung across their backs. What transpired was a whole lot of fun comments being written across their backs, with someone writing “LOSER” on our Founder Renie Ravin’s Chart. I mean, if only I could find that person who did that, we would have given him a worthy prize LOL.
(Note from the founder – this may be the last post by Anoop Johnson. Please send in your goodbyes to

I hope you guys will appreciate this, but this has been one of our most relaxed blogger meets. Everyone took care of themselves, and made the venue feel like home. If that’s not what offline blogger meets are all about, I don’t know what is. It was inspiring listening to the Delhi community speak its mind and we return to Bangalore and Chennai knowing that for the next meet in Delhi we have a whole bunch of friends to look up to.

And finally, blogger with twitter ID prolificD:  Thanks a ton for taking care of us and getting us home after the blogger meet. We love you man, along with the rest of the Delhi Bloggers.

Until next time – keep blogging, help out fellow bloggers on the forum, post your best topics to IndiVine and get a better IndiRank. Thank you and good night!

Anoop Johnson
IndiBlogger Team

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10 Responses

  1. Hey guys just wanted to say you guys are as cool as you seems in the forum.
    I wish you guys a great wish and luck for future ahead.
    The only thing I want to add here never forget “Internet has no limit” .

  2. I wish you guys a great wish too lmao… but on a more serious note thank you Renie, Anoop and Anwin for both being here and having us here 🙂 I think I speak for all when I say that this was a fun experience; hope to see more of you guys soon.

  3. Parv Kaushik says:

    it was nice to have you guyz here… it was a very intresting and friedly sseminars i hav attended … i enjoyed it very much!! keep visiting delhi!!

  4. Amiya Sarkar says:

    Great you all had a gala day. I wish I were there. But Anoop’s bidding goodbye isn’t really something I liked. Please rethink!!

  5. Renie says:

    Like we said, we absolutely loved Delhi and we had a ball at the meet!

    @Amiya – Anoop’s not bidding goodbye, that was a joke. 🙂

  6. yeah! it was super fun :). had a lot of laffs.

    Also, during my session, some ppl had the doubt about whether linking to a you-tube video which is pirated is illegal or not. According to the query I raised to the mentioned lawyer, yes it indeed is illegal as I had said during the session, however laws can be interpreted in many ways so there could be loopholes.

    Renie – could you please share some link love for me and the DBB website? thanks 🙂

  7. simplesumit says:

    Hey guys …..

    It was really a fun and Anoop cum on now plz accept that it was u who wrote Looser behind the back of Ravin (OOppsy somebody saw u :P)

    I am really looking forward to meet you guys again.

    @Twilight Fairy – I sent a request to add my blog in Delhi blogger community but i didnt received any notification mail.

  8. That was a great meet. Would love to attend more of such events.

  9. I had a great time with the fellow bloggers…I hope you mark your third visit soon…I can’t wait for the hat-trick:)

  10. any blogger meet coming in future….?

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