Delhi NCR Blogger Meet 2009-

Indibloggers we’re back in Delhi !!!

We have just completed our first blogger meet in Bangalore for the year 2009 and as promised on 04 Apr, 2009 we are now heading out straight to your city to have an Indiblast evening with all of you.

Last time the blogger meet was mainly publicized  in Delhi, this year we decided to keep the meet @ NCR, so that we’ll get to see all the bloggers from Delhi, Gurguagon, Ghaziabad, Faridabad Noida and Bahadurgarh

A lot of new bloggers have signed up for this meet and we would love like to know who you are through the ‘one minute of fame’ . We also have some interesting sessions planned for you and we will also be having some very focused discussions on blogging and the elements surrounding it.

Last year we had the talk by IBNMS,this time we have an interesting event lined up for you guys by Microsoft where you bloggers will get a sneak preview of Internet Explorer 8.

We are hoping to meet the guys who attended the blogger meet last year and show the new guys the Indiblogger ‘JIG’

So don’t forget to register for the meet and we’ll see you all on Saturday

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