Thank you again, dear blogger

It’s time for another special post, where we thank our bloggers for the support, encouragement and enthusiasm they have shown. At the time of writing this post, the IndiBlogger forum we launched 2 weeks ago has over a hundred topics and 400 replies.

As a techie, I’ve noticed that the average Indian who frequents various forums only does so to seek help – and does not do much to help others. I’m glad to say that Indian bloggers are different, cause the spririt shown on the forum is simply inspiring!

Special thanks goes to the most active bloggers on the forum: Sriharsha, Amitabh, Binaryday, Shanker, Ram, Ankit, Kabeeranban, Debajyoti, Pavan and Archit. Your ideas and suggestions which resulted in several new features to the forum will benefit the Indian blogging community for a long time to come.

Here are a few excerpts from the forum:

“We need to have a nice blog ranking system only for Indian Blogs. Then we can have beautiful badges to show off our rankings too!”

“The quality of discussion is the best I have ever found on any forum. But how do we bring in more people to participate here?”

“Renie, I would like an e-mail to be generated if someone responds to a thread that I am interested in. Basically, a small box appears at the bottom of each thread and I should be able to check it, if I want a trigger (similar to Xing, if you are aware of that platform).”

“For me, I love this forum because it is the only one that allows me to communicate with other bloggers. For a change I do not feel like an alien or rather as I said earlier, I feel like an alien in a land of aliens :)”

“But what I would really like to see is the time spent by each visitor as a factor in the popularity besides the ratio of comments to posts. Thus, popularity = function of (no. of hits, duration of stay per visit, ratio of comments to post).”

“Some Blog collection sites allow readers to ‘rate’ blogs (5-stars or Thumbs up & down). This does come with the risk of ballot-stuffing. Note that ranking of blogs is also subject to the power-law behaviour (i.e. the rich-get-richer). In other words, only the highly rated blogs get read and continue to be rated.”

“Well, I like this forum because, this is the first place I’m feeling “at home”. All other forums didnt appeal to me so much so as to post more than 2 or 3 threads.”

What more can I say? Go on and check out the forum!

Thank you, dear IndiBlogger!