Terror attack in Mumbai – bloggers speak out

Mumbai bloggers speak out on the terror attacks >

Earlier this morning, we sent this email out to all bloggers from Mumbai –

“Dear Mumbai blogger,

Firstly, we sincerely hope you and and all your loved ones are safe and sound. The IndiBlogger team has been stuck to their televisions since last night, and we decided that instead of merely “condemning the attack”, we would rather find out what the Mumbai bloggers have to say about what’s going on, and more importantly – how to stop these attacks from happening.

We are putting up a page on IndiBlogger.in which will contain links to all your posts on the terror attack. Please do reply to this email and let us know if and when you do blog about the situation in Mumbai, so the rest of the world knows what you all have to say.”

And boy, what a response we got – Mumbai bloggers, hats off to you for shouting out, and reaching out. We have put up all the links to the posts you sent across. Please keep sending them in as you blog more on this attack.

Mumbai bloggers speak out on the terror attacks >

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  1. just a name says:

    I find it quite disgusting how the politicians are using a time such as this as a POPULARITY STUNT. Any one in a normal state of mind understands that we need to respect the job of the security personals and let them do their job in such a crisis. But these politicians rather use critical time such as this for their own popularity, extremely foolish and selfish of themselves.
    I personally feel that such politicians need to realize the importance of letting those do their own job and not to interfere. Politicians need to quit their cheap tricks and co-operate with the security personals. In simple words they need to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS.

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