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Thank you, dear IndiBlogger

This is a special post, and one I’ve been meaning to make for some time now. The IndiBlogger team has made it thus far thanks to one thing – and that’s been all the warm hearted, selfless support from the Indian blogging community. Time and again, bloggers have taken time out of their busy schedules to send us an email, post a comment or even call us long distance telling us how we can improve

Here’s an example – This is a comment that was posted by Nachiketa, and she followed it up with a phone call:



My compliments for coming up with this site. It looks nice.

Have some 2-bit feedback:

1. The registration activation mail takes toooooooooooooooooo…… long in finding it’s way to the inbox. (some thing users have listed in this section earlier) would like to repeat it so that it adds as a vote to better this process. All other sites that I have ever registered on send it within seconds of registration.

2. Email format of network mails:
Bloggers have been adding me to their network.. (very flattering indeed). I get emails which inform me about the same.
Sample below:

Dear Nachiketa ,

Your blog The Variable has been added to the network of Noopur Rangera , a blogger from Gurgaon.

Reciprocation is a good thing. If you like Noopur Rangera ‘s blog, you can add it to your own network.

Go to your network now.

The IndiBlogger Team

In this mail the following are hyperlinks:
1. My blog name: The Variable
2. The network page of Indibloggers: “Go to your network now.”
3. The indibloggers website homepage: “

This is such a long process for me to see Noopur’s blog. [after logging in and then viewing my netwrok]
Why should I have to login to Indibloggers to see Noopur’s blog?

If you are tracking the traffic, you have driven to a particular blog, then embed the tracker jump URL in the mail itself, Which for Noopur’s blog happens to be “

Would urge you to look into this small usability feature, which I’m sure will increase the absolute pageviews for the site as well.


It just goes to show – sometimes we miss the obvious! :)

We’ve fixed the email format today, and we’ve informed our host that emails are not leaving our server fast enough. Most of our development updates are a result of this kind of feedback from bloggers.

Finally, this is what the IndiBlogger team has to say to all the bloggers who support us – Thank You!!!